Headquartered in sunny Miami, Florida, Ready Staffer has been helping businesses
explode their capacity, productivity, marketing, traffic and sales since 2003.


Throughout the Midwest

This chain of 12 dental clinics started with just 1 Ready Staffer who they trained along with the CSM on the specific medical billing procedures required by the various insurance companies they work with. When they were satisfied that the work could be done remotely they increased their team until they had 10 full time billing assistants. Cost is not the biggest motivator for this client. It’s not that they can’t find or afford in-house employees. The problem is turnover. They found that at wage levels under $15 per hour they had a revolving door that forced them to spend considerable resources constantly hiring, onboarding and training new employees.

Not only is our turnover rate much lower than in the U.S. (or with freelancers) but with their Ready Staffer CSM, this client can scale as needed, with just a phone call. And at just $4.90 per hour, plus supervision included and a dedicated QC manager, it was a no-brainer. And we are 100% HIPAA compliant. Total savings with Ready Staffer: over $28,000 per month.


Clearwater, Florida

One of our oldest clients, this mom-and-pop team has their part-time Ready Staffer research county records as well as the MLS and other online sources for prospect properties and then send out postal mailers using Click2Mail. This boring, time-consuming task was taken off their plates for just a few bucks per hour and frees them up to grow the business.


Los Angeles, California

This towing service specializes in repossession and had trouble keeping their three overnight dispatcher positions filled. Getting good reliable people in L.A. at less than $18 per hour plus tax & benefits is tough. Total savings with Ready Staffer: over $9,000 per month.


Austin, Texas

This firm was wasting it’s sales team’s time looking up the contact info for the tens of thousands of operations managers for towns, cities and counties nationwide. By having 2 full-time staffers do this lead research and fill the sales pipeline, as well as other admin and follow up tasks, this client keeps their in-house sales team happy and focused on closing new business.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Teachers are bogged down with all manner of repetitive clerical tasks. By investing in a part time staffer he could train to help grade school work, maintain his calendar and take care of other clerical and personal tasks, this teacher is able to have more time with the family as well as spend time on tutoring to bring in extra money. Tutoring for $45 an hour makes more sense (and is more fulfilling) than doing clerical work worth much less.


Pompano Beach, Florida

This firm has been with us since 2009 when they began with just 2 Ready Staffers. Now they have 12 full timers helping them do the massive amount of administrative work required to recoup hospital insurance claims. Calling the large car insurance companies and navigating their automated phone tree systems to get the correct adjuster on the line can take up to an hour for each file, overwhelming the client’s in-house office staff with expensive hours spent on hold.
By doing these calls for several years now, this client’s Ready Staffer team has become expert at this very specific function. Nothing gets overlooked as we also provide a dedicated QC manager (in addition to the CSM) to teams of 6 or more staffers free of charge.
The client firm does not have to add expensive office space to host their 12 person team or hire on a manager to supervise. And when there is an especially large project they can scale up and add temporary staffers with just a phone call. They don’t have to waste precious time recruiting, interviewing, vetting, training, hosting and supervising. And also, zero H.R. liabilities, which increase dramatically when you add 12 staffers in-house. All for $4.90 an hour.

Total savings with Ready Staffer: Over $30,000 per month salaries plus $3,000 – $4,000 hosting.


New York City

We handle lots of ecommerce work. For Amazon Prime clients there are lots of administrative and marketing tasks that increase visibility and traffic on the massive platform. Having 2 dedicated, long-term staffers benefits this operation because of their ability to specialize in specific tasks and master them, especially in high-cost New York City. This specialization is possible because of low costs and low turnover. Total Savings with Ready Staffer: over $7,600 per month.


Charleston, South Carolina

This operation specializes in branded promotional merchandise (swag). Their B2B customers need lots of help getting their logos uploaded correctly, their colors selected and their orders just right. That is a lot of back and forth. And a lot of valuable time. They needed staffers with some graphic experience so as not to have to train from scratch and know they had some design sense. Their 4 full-time Ready Staffers make their operation run much more smoothly, for the cost of just one additional in-house employee. Total savings with Ready Staffer: $8,300 per month


Los Angeles, California

Yes, we do show biz too! A supporting actor on a primetime network show hired a part-time Ready Staffer to help raise his social media presence as well as handle personal assistant tasks. Buying back his precious hours for just a few bucks each from having to do tedious tasks means more time to focus on the high value stuff. And more personal free time. And of course, an increased online reach.


Buffalo, New York

This client has 3 full-time Ready Staffers who monitor inbound inquiries that come in off of their websites and call the prospects to verify their information before submitting the leads to the client’s enrollment consultants. The online education field is extremely competitive. If a potential customer fills out an online inquiry on one site, they are likely to have inquired on various competing sites. So once the inquiry comes in, the race is on to get them engaged and provide them the information they are looking for before the competition does. By hiring a Ready Staffer team, our client can afford to have someone monitoring the site for inbound inquiries 24/7 and immediately call the prospect to get them begun in the enrollment process. Using low-cost remote staffing lets you leverage your client acquisition budget in a much more aggressive way. Total savings with Ready Staffer: over $7,400 per month.


Atlanta, Georgia

This team is kept super busy by their Zillow ad campaign. Calls come in all day long. Their 2 full time Ready Staffers answer the calls, answer prospect questions, qualify leads, schedule showings and keep these buyers agents focused on the face-to-face selling. Total savings with Ready Staffer: over $3,900 per month.


West Palm Beach, Florida

This client has a Ready Staffer that runs a complex drip campaign for them which begins with ringless voicemail blasts (RVM) and then follows up with texts, call backs and scheduling of appointments for their project manager. The addition of a staffer to focus solely on marketing full-time means this client’s pipeline is full and their in-house employees are focused on closing prospects and launching projects.


Miami, Florida

This client has 3 full-time Ready Staffers who they have trained to be a crack processing team to free up their loan officers to focus on bringing in new business. They have recently added 3 cold callers working from our outbound call center to generate refi leads. (We offer cold calling, telemarketing and appointment setting by experienced callers from our outbound call center for $2 additional to our regular hourly rates).



Alexandria, Virginia

This client maintains a massive selection of over 16,000 pieces of commercial processing equipment on their site which needs to be checked for price against their various competitors, SKU by SKU. They have 2 Ready Staffers dedicated to keeping their website’s inventory information updated and relevant to their clients in real time.


Montreal, Canada

Once a marketing plan is developed, the work of implementing it is usually heavy on repetitive social media and SEO tasks. By hiring a team of two full-time Ready Staffers, this firm is able to delegate most of their daily customer campaign tasks and keep their in-house marketing agents focused on the high-value functions such as content creation and client development.


Los Angeles, California

We have plenty of real estate industry clients. This particular broker started with just one part-timer to increase his presence online and soon realized that the ROI on the few dollars he was paying for each hour was ridiculously high, so he turned up the volume and within a couple months he had 3 full-time Ready Staffers keeping him busy with inbound leads. 132 hours a week of online marketing makes a BIG splash.